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QO-100 Experiments – LNB Modifications

I have been using a Goobay 67269 LNB with a small Horn antenna on 10368MHz for a while to monitor beacons via rain-scatter. This was a fairly basic setup, the Chaparral horn had been cut-off and the LNB mated to … Continue reading

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Enhanced USB-to-Serial PTT Interface

Many of the modern transceivers today support direct USB connectivity to your shack PC. This USB connection typically enables 2-way audio and CAT control allowing more or less full control of the transceiver, including PTT keying. Where CAT control for … Continue reading

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QO-100 Experiments – 2400MHz Pipe-Cap Filter

Over the years I’d seen a number of projects that were using one or more pipe-cap filters. They looked as if they should be fairly simple to make so I thought I should try one to help reduce the unwanted … Continue reading

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QO-100 Experiments – 2256MHz Local Oscillator

I chose to use an ADF4351 based synthesizer module to generate the 2256MHz local oscillator (LO) needed for my QO-100 QRP  transmit converter. This is controlled by an Arduino Nano. Having already used one of these modules for the 54 … Continue reading

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QO-100 Experiments – QRP Transmit Converter

Having spent some time listening to the QO-100 satellite using the Goonhilly WebSDR facility and my own temporary receive solutions, I decided it was time to try generating some RF and get a signal up to the satellite. I was … Continue reading

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Yaesu G-5500 Fault

  About two weeks ago my Yaesu G-5500 rotator controller developed a strange fault. The Azimuth (AZ) meter would not display correctly, the Elevation (EL) meter was working fine. The AZ meter showed only ~20 degrees but the EME antennas … Continue reading

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Homemade Satellite Antenna

I was at one time quite active on the early OSCAR satellites. In those days (I’m going back over 35+ years) it was 2m to 10m linear transponder(s). Having not done anything with satellite communications for such a long time … Continue reading

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