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QO-100 Experiments – ADF4351 SynthShield

I’ve recently used a number of ADF4351 modules in various projects. The last two modules have been used to provide a single fixed frequency output. An Arduino Nano running the F1CJN single frequency sketch is used to control the ADF4351. … Continue reading

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An Arduino Based Four Event Sequencer

When putting together a system using RF switching relays, Low Noise Amplifiers (LNA) and RF power it’s important that things are switched at the right time and in the correct sequence. This ensures that the relays do not actually switch … Continue reading

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An Arduino Based Antenna Switch For The IC-7300

Since purchasing the IC-7300 I’ve used it mainly on 4m and 6m with the occasional venture down onto the lower bands. With the Sporadic-E season and good conditions on 10m it highlighted one of the shortcomings of the IC-7300… it … Continue reading

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Constructing another K3NG Rotator Controller

I recently spent a day helping a friend setup his new rotator and single 8 element yagi for EME operation. The weather was kind to us and after a few hours work we had everything aligned as best we could.  This … Continue reading

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