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Yaesu G-5500 Fault – No 2

I’ve been using a Yaesu G-5500 Azimuth and Elevation rotator for the last seven years of EME (Moonbounce) operation. It has been used to rotate 2×8 element 144Mhz Yagi antennas and a 67 element 1296 MHz Yagi. The G-5500 is … Continue reading

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QO-100 Experiments – LNB Modifications

I have been using a Goobay 67269 LNB with a small Horn antenna on 10368MHz for a while to monitor beacons via rain-scatter. This was a fairly basic setup, the Chaparral horn had been cut-off and the LNB mated to … Continue reading

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Enhanced USB-to-Serial PTT Interface

Many of the modern transceivers today support direct USB connectivity to your shack PC. This USB connection typically enables 2-way audio and CAT control allowing more or less full control of the transceiver, including PTT keying. Where CAT control for … Continue reading

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An Arduino Based Four Event Sequencer

When putting together a system using RF switching relays, Low Noise Amplifiers (LNA) and RF power it’s important that things are switched at the right time and in the correct sequence. This ensures that the relays do not actually switch … Continue reading

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QO-100 Experiments – 2400MHz Pipe-Cap Filter

Over the years I’d seen a number of projects that were using one or more pipe-cap filters. They looked as if they should be fairly simple to make so I thought I should try one to help reduce the unwanted … Continue reading

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QO-100 Experiments – 2256MHz Local Oscillator

I chose to use an ADF4351 based synthesizer module to generate the 2256MHz local oscillator (LO) needed for my QO-100 QRP  transmit converter. This is controlled by an Arduino Nano. Having already used one of these modules for the 54 … Continue reading

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QO-100 Experiments – QRP Transmit Converter

Having spent some time listening to the QO-100 satellite using the Goonhilly WebSDR facility and my own temporary receive solutions, I decided it was time to try generating some RF and get a signal up to the satellite. I was … Continue reading

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Fun on 10GHz – 2 ‘Rain-Scatter’

I’m still what some might call a novice when it comes to the 10GHz band. It’s a band that’s like no other that I’ve operated on, and I’m hooked on it. I’ve recently discovered first-hand the effect of rain-scatter at … Continue reading

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Fun on 10GHz – 1

Over the last 20 years or so I’ve rarely operated my radio equipment away from home. This has changed since I’ve caught the “microwave bug” and got started on the 10GHz band. My 10GHz setup comprised initially of just a … Continue reading

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10GHz – Frequency Accuracy and Stability

One of the key things that I have learnt from my EME activities is that frequency accuracy and stability is very important. My current 10GHz equipment comprises of a DB6NT G4 Transverter (TVTR) and an ICOM IC-706 transceiver for the … Continue reading

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