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Tidy-up of the 1.3GHz Transverter

Having completed the 1.3GHz PA and established that things work well with the transverter (TVTR) and PA located in the shack it was time to tidy things up a bit. I had a spare enclosure that matched the Anglian TVTR and … Continue reading

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A Fun Couple Of Days On 23cms

Having recently completed the ~20W PA for 23cms I was looking for some activity on the band to see what difference the extra few watts would make. Unfortunately I had just missed the monthly UKAC session. Reading the UKMicrowave Digest I … Continue reading

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1.3GHz 20W PA

My plan to be QRV on 23cms EME continues to move forward albeit at a rather different pace to what I’d originally envisaged. After a period of many weeks where little progress was made I’ve focussed my mind on getting … Continue reading

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1.3GHz Transverter – separate TX / RX ports

The SG-Lab TR1300 transverter continues to impress me. My current setup on 1.3GHz is the TR1300 with Sam, G4DDK’s VLNA and a single 67 element long yagi. The Anglian transverter is used on the 144MHz IF side, both transverters are locked … Continue reading

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QRPp WSPR and FSKCW tests on 40m using the U3

I recently built the QRP-Labs LPF switching board plus a couple of extra filters for 80m and 40m. I’d had these kits gathering dust for probably 12 months plus. Other projects had taken priority and I’d not really run any … Continue reading

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Constructing another K3NG Rotator Controller

I recently spent a day helping a friend setup his new rotator and single 8 element yagi for EME operation. The weather was kind to us and after a few hours work we had everything aligned as best we could.  This … Continue reading

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TrakBox with MAP65 and LP_Bridge

Since I started running MAP65 it has always been run on a separate laptop along with Linrad. This was primarily due to the amount of monitor “real-estate” that was needed for all the various programs that normally run when operating … Continue reading

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Anglian TVTR Drive Control

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any updates. Lots of little changes have been happening on the 2m front, with hopefully each change making a slight improvement to the overall working of my small (by EME standards) system. I … Continue reading

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With inclement weather forecast over the Xmas period I was keen to try and implement some form of remote switching of the 144MHz and 1296MHz EME antennas. The antenna feeds terminate in a waterproof cabinet at the base of the … Continue reading

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Today I picked up a project that I had started at the beginning of the year. It uses the Raspberry Pi (RPi) computer to provide remote control of up to 8 events, each switched by relay. My plan is to … Continue reading

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