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10GHz – Frequency Accuracy and Stability

One of the key things that I have learnt from my EME activities is that frequency accuracy and stability is very important. My current 10GHz equipment comprises of a DB6NT G4 Transverter (TVTR) and an ICOM IC-706 transceiver for the … Continue reading

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An Arduino Based Antenna Switch For The IC-7300

Since purchasing the IC-7300 I’ve used it mainly on 4m and 6m with the occasional venture down onto the lower bands. With the Sporadic-E season and good conditions on 10m it highlighted one of the shortcomings of the IC-7300… it … Continue reading

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Revisiting the LDF5-50 MagLoop

I’ve had a lot of fun using the LDF5-50 based MagLoop. By adding and swapping one or more high-voltage doorknob style capacitors it’s been possible to cover the 80m <> 20m bands. The only two negative things being that the … Continue reading

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What’s your handle?

For many years I’ve owned a Nissan X-Trail, in fact two, initially a petrol sport and then a diesel. I had an Icom IC-706 with a remote head unit installed. This was used mainly when stationary, with various roof mounted … Continue reading

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Revisiting the LDF4-50 MagLoop

Today I decided to enjoy the fine weather and do some further outdoor tests with the LDF4-50 MagLoop. I constructed this loop last year. Up until now this loop hasn’t really been used, all my MagLoop experiments have been done … Continue reading

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A ProgRock and a very old MMT 144/28 Transverter

Having got the 10MHz side of the ProgRock project working (see here for details) the next stage was to look at the 116MHz output. If this was also acceptable, I would have an alternative means of generating the two frequencies … Continue reading

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Building a ProgRock kit for use as a frequency reference for VHF / UHF Transverters – 1

The ProgRock is a kit produced by QRP-Labs. It is described as a triple GPS-disciplined programmable crystal, based around a Si5351A Synthesizer. Having read positive reports on the ProgRock I decided to order one, plus the optional GPS kit. I … Continue reading

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LDF5-50 MagLoop on 80m

When I first made this MagLoop my goal was to be able to use it on the 40m band, and this was achieved. Recently I began to wonder if it might also work on 80m. So the MagLoop was setup … Continue reading

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Homemade Satellite Antenna

I was at one time quite active on the early OSCAR satellites. In those days (I’m going back over 35+ years) it was 2m to 10m linear transponder(s). Having not done anything with satellite communications for such a long time … Continue reading

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An SDR based QRSS Grabber

About a year ago I purchased the NooElec Ham It Up v1.3 bare bones HF Up-converter (HFU) to use with their NeSDR SMArt dongle. The plan at that time was to get an SDR-based QRSS Grabber running online 24/7. For … Continue reading

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