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K3 Panadapter using the NooElec Upconverter + SDR + SDR-Console

My K3/10 has been used primarily with transverters for the VHF and higher bands (it has seen hardly any real use on the HF bands). A FCDPP connected via a splitter to the IF output of the 2m transverter, plus … Continue reading

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QO-100 Experiments – LNB Modifications

I have been using a Goobay 67269 LNB with a small Horn antenna on 10368MHz for a while to monitor beacons via rain-scatter. This was a fairly basic setup, the Chaparral horn had been cut-off and the LNB mated to … Continue reading

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An SDR based QRSS Grabber

About a year ago I purchased the NooElec Ham It Up v1.3 bare bones HF Up-converter (HFU) to use with their NeSDR SMArt dongle. The plan at that time was to get an SDR-based QRSS Grabber running online 24/7. For … Continue reading

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USB Tuning Knob

I have used a number of different PC programs to control my FT-847 and TS-2000 transceivers and the one thing that I found I missed when driving the rig remotely was a conventional tuning knob. Yes, the mouse could be … Continue reading

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