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I built my 2m transverter with the intention of using it primarily for EME (JT65), driving either my 2m PA or at some point in the future as the IF for one or more microwave transverters. To ensure that I … Continue reading

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Anglian 144MHz Transverter

Having moved away from various VHF / UHF transverters and used the TS-2000 and FT-847 “shack-in-the-box” 160m <> 70cms transceivers for many years, with both giving excellent results, it seemed at first a strange decision to embark on a project … Continue reading

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2 x 8 ele I0JXX

Having had excellent results with a single yagi I wanted to add an additional antenna to get some extra gain on both TX and RX. I originally planned on using a second 9 ele DK7ZB but changed my mind when … Continue reading

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9 Element DK7ZB

I built this antenna using 1/2 inch diameter tubing for the elements and 1 x 1 inch square tube for the 5M long boom. The photos below were taken at various stages of construction. The driven element was constructed using the following … Continue reading

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