9 Element DK7ZB

I built this antenna using 1/2 inch diameter tubing for the elements and 1 x 1 inch square tube for the 5M long boom.

The photos below were taken at various stages of construction.

The driven element was constructed using the following parts:

  1. 1 off 85mm x 80mm x 55mm deep watertight (IP65 rated) ABS enclosure.
  2. 2 off Cable Glands
  3. 1 off centre insulator
  4. 1 off “N” socket
  5. 1 off aluminium right-angle bracket
  6. 1 off length of TRG59B/U coax
  7. Assorted nuts, bolts and washers.
  8. Sealant








DK7ZB 2m 9 ele on EME mount














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