23cms EME

The challenge to try EME on another band was made much easier when I heard about the SG-Lab TR1300 transverter. I could see that this could be fairly easily integrated into my existing 2m setup.

Things have and continue to move slowly on this new project. Having never operated before on any band above 70cms this is a whole new challenge especially with the intention of jumping straight to EME.

23cms EME Initials Worked

The table below shows initials (new stations) worked using the following setup(s):

  1. Single 67ele yagi + G4DDK VLNA –  K3 <> Anglian TVTR <> TR1300 <> 20W PA (8W at the antenna)

Table is “WIP”  🙂


Initial  Date        Time    Call      Grid    Rpt    My Rpt Setup
  1      30/04/2017  12:55   PI9CAM    JO32    -15             1
  2      01/05/2017  12:47   HB9Q      JN47    -12     -25     1
  3      12/08/2018  12:08   I1NDP     JN45    -21     -27     1



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