Tidy-up of the 1.3GHz Transverter

Having completed the 1.3GHz PA and established that things work well with the transverter (TVTR) and PA located in the shack it was time to tidy things up a bit. I had a spare enclosure that matched the Anglian TVTR and 10MHz GPSDO so I decided that the SG-Lab TR1300, 1.3GHz BPF and control switching bits and pieces could all go together to form one neat unit.

The mast-head mounted G4DDK VLNA connects directly to a high quality antenna change-over relay that has separate coax feeds, receive (RX) and transmit (TX), that run to the shack. With this setup no antenna change-over relays are needed in the actual transverter enclosure.

The following photos show various stages of boxing it all up.

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Those of you with an eye for detail may have noticed that I carefully spaced the RX and TX N-connectors so that the antenna change-over relay could be fitted directly onto the back  of the TVTR should it ever be used away from the shack, say out portable or whatever.

The 3.5mm stereo jack plug that the TR1300 uses for the PTT and sequencer connections is wired to the various Phono sockets on the back panel of the TVTR. Phono being the normal type of connector for this sort of function / connectivity in the HSK shack.

What’s next:

  • To drill the front-panel and fit an on / off switch! In my haste to get it all boxed up I forgot to do this!    🙂
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