Anglian TVTR Drive Control

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any updates. Lots of little changes have been happening on the 2m front, with hopefully each change making a slight improvement to the overall working of my small (by EME standards) system.

I have finally retired my old 2 x 4CX250b 144MHz amplifier and moved to a LDMOS SSPA. The old amplifier used a combination of 12V and 28V relays to switch voltages and RF so the new amplifier resulted in a few minor changes (read simplification) to the sequencer / switching interconnecting cables.

The Anglian TVTR interfaces extremely well with the K3 and only 1mW of 28MHz drive is required to give ~ 8W output on 144MHz. The K3 has a power output control but I always struggle to remember the levels for the various modes so I decided to do what another local, John – G4ZTR, did with his Anglian and add a simple front panel mounted drive control.


Anglian TVTR with drive control

Anglian TVTR on top of 10MHz GPSDO

The next step is to add some markings / scale on the front panel so I can quickly adjust the power output using the red / black knob.

I’ve also been looking at a sequencer with TX-inhibit switching and ALC control for another EME operator  to use with his FT-847 and SSPA. I will write more about this when the controller is built and working.

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