Having spent many months listening on 2M EME I finally decided it was time to try for the 1st QSO. After a couple of failed attempts I completed my first ‘random’ 2M EME QSO with KB8RQ. This was quickly followed by I2FAK.

I was using a single 9ele DK7ZB yagi with elevation on a small homemade antenna mount. The rig was a TS-2000 running 100W and no LNA.

Since then the “system” has been slowly improved, firstly with the addition of a 4 event sequencer followed by a mast-head LNA and G-5500 rotator with auto tracking. These changes improved the receive side and it also meant that I wasn’t having to go outside and brave the elements to align the antenna. 🙂  The next area to focus on was to increase the transmit power. Due to the duty cycle when when running JT65 I had to make some modifications to the cooling on my old trusted 2 x 4CX250B amplifier, this now runs 400W into the recently installed 2 x 8ele I0JXX antennas.

You will find more information relating to these station improvements by following the links on the right.